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The 29 Best (Totally Free) Beauty Tips of All Time

The 29 Best (Totally Free) Beauty Tips of All Time

Whether you’re flat broke or just stuck on a desert island, with
nothing but you wits, a couple of coconuts(or whatever you can find
rooting through some kitchen cupboards) can make any moment a into a
glamourous one.

1: Whip up a full-on facial—in your fridge
Want skin that’s firm, fresh and dewy? Thanks to The Face Place
mega-star facialist Tom Woodhouse, here’s the recipe: In the kitchen
grab some sugar,—honey if you have it, if not its okay. Mix 2 TB sugar
(white is good but brown is better) 1.2 TB honey (if you have on hand,
if not, this still works without) and ½ TB extra virgin olive oil.
Grab one large egg, crack it open and whip only the whites into a
frothy blob. On clean damp skin, apply sugar face scrub in upwards,
circular motions, 30-seconds to one minute depending on sensitivity.
Rinse with warm water and wash cloth, pat face dry, then apply frothy
egg mixture over your entire face including neck and under eyes. Rinse
after 10 minutes or so. Skin will be tight and toned.

2. Essential oils: freshen breath, fight hunger, clean house
According to Ute Leube, founder of haute organic skincare line Amala
a single drop of essential oil of peppermint on your tongue gives
great fresh breath, kills bacteria and also helps stave off hunger
pangs. Luebe also says you can mix any scented essential oil you like
with warm water to use as a great antibacterial, all-natural,
delicious-smelling house cleaner.

3. Milk of Magnesia: The Face Mask
Milk of Magnesia, that thing that’s always loitering around in peoples
medicine cabinets neutralizes stomach acid, as many know, but oh! It
also makes skin porcelain-perfect, according to Robin Coe Hutshing:
“Growing up I learned the great Milk of Magnesia face mask, which
leaves skin smooth, clear and china-like. Dab it on with a cotton
ball, wait until it dries, then rinse off. That’s it! It’s amazing.”

4. Does-it-all-item #1 COCONUT OIL
“Extra Virgin Coconut Oil—which is hard, and waxy to the touch, not
liquid— will substitute for a multitude of products,” swears Robin Coe
Hutshing.  “Deep conditioner for hair, cuticle and nail treatment,
body oil, massage and bath oil… You can use it as a perfume base with
your favorite essential oils and turn it into a fragrance.” Try to stick with refined, organic formulas which are higher quality—they sink in to skin faster and rinse cleaner.

5. Advil Liquid-Gel as a laser-fast zit zapper
Aspirin has long been known as a in a pinch zit zapper (you didn’t
know that? Just crush it up, add water, dab on, let it dry….) But
technology has created the aspirin zit zapper 2.0 thanks to liquid gel
formulas. Faster, stronger, better! “I hear makeup artists use this
all the time on models backstage at fashion shows,” says Coe-Hutshing.
“Open up an Advil gel cap apply it right onto the pimple. It takes the
swelling down right away.”

6. Foundation primer stops skin chafing
Some people swear by their silicone skin primers. Some people are
baffled by them. No matter what camp you fall in, Cosmetic Chemist
N’Kita Wilson says that these clear silicone formulas’ comforting slip
are great to help control skin chafing. “Rub on anywhere there’s
friction: in the thigh area or if you feel in love with shoes that
don't love you back and your toes are rubbing against the material!”

7. Three different ways to banish foot odor
From Ian Ginsberg, Owner of C.O. Bigelow: Soak feet in a bath of black
tea to rid foot odor. The tannins are helpful in neutralizing odor-
Add 2-3 tea bags to a foot basin…you do not need to cut them open.
Soak for 15 minutes. Celebrity manicurist Erica Marton advises a combo
of apple cider vinegar and water. Celebrity Manicurist Jin Soon Choi
likes diluted mouth wash.

8. One Minute Manicure
Those gritty, oily scrubs are hot sellers at high end drugstores, but easily replicated at the randomest of places—the coffee bar.  Just grab some brown sugar packets and extra
wooden stirrers, says Jin Soon Choi, owner of Jon Soon Natural Hand and
foot, and make a scrub yourself, for free. “Mix the sugar with
some lemon, honey, and olive oil and scrub into hands and nails for a
minute, then use a wooden coffee stirrer to push back cuticles. Rinse
off and your hands will look totally clean soft and manicured.”

9. Whiter, brighter, healthy, happy nails
Sometimes it happens when you’ve been wearing nail polish for too
long, or smoke a lot, or have a nutritional deficiency… but yellowed nails are one of life's most common, and easily remedied beauty ailments. There are
two ways to get rid of it, fast:  Ginsburg suggests lemon rubbed on
the nails with a sprinkle of baking soda—let sit on nail beds for 5 minutes and rinse.
Or, says Jin Soon Choi, drop a denture tablet into a bowl of warm
water, let is dissolve, and soak nails for a few minutes.

10. Beauty goldmine: Instant nail file!
Who hasn’t frantically looked around for one to fix a snag, only to
come up empty handed, and leave you wondering to what length you will
go to alleviate this ragged ragged nail. When no file is on hands, the
sandpaper-like strike strip on the back of matchbooks works to file
nail shape nails quickly.

11. Aquaphor to condition lashes
It’s a famous multi-tasker in it’s own right. Hand cream, lip balm,
etc., but Coe Hushing swears by its eyelash growing properties. “I
don’t know why it works so well, but it does. I rub some into my
lashes at night and I swear to god, it somehow makes them conditioned
and healthy and long.”

12. Make skin-soothing tincture
From Kristin Pharmacist Kristin Riddle, pharmacist and creator of RX
Skin Therapy, a good fix for inflamed, rocasea-prone skin is this DIY
herbal toner: take a ¼ teaspoon each of dried sage, thyme, and
parsley, —all usually found in the cupboard, all natural anti-inflammatories—grind them up nice and fine, and mix into a tablespoon of witch hazel, let steep for 1-2/12 hours, strain, ½ cup of water. If you don’t have witch hazel on hand you can simply use water, but let the herbs soak overnight before straining.

13. Make your own perfume
From: Pharmacist Kristin Riddle, pharmacist and creator of RX Skin Therapy:
Using the same principles: grind it up, soak it, fridge it, toss it
after a week.
Pick your favorite flower (any works, she particularly likes roses for
this) let petals steep in water and a little bit of rubbing alcohol
which will pull the fragrance out of the flower. Refrigerate it,
splash on whenever you want to smell icy-fresh and delicious.

14. Does it all item #2: OLIVE OIL
Ian Ginsburg: Olive oil hair packs for shiny locks. "I would suggest regular olive oil…Expensive, extra virgin olive oil is not needed. Olive oil or
any 100% pure oil would be beneficial to the hair- all oils with
hydrate and add healthy-looking shine. According to celebrity nutritionist Oz Garcia, it's an excellent moisturizer for skin too. "When Olive Oil is applied
(topically) to the face, it penetrates to moisturize and keep skin
smooth and elastic."

15. 4 experts, 5 great face masks from the fridge: Avocado, greek
yogurt, papaya, honey and acai.

(*eds note: We’re assuming here that you know to rinse these off
afterwards. Not keep on face forever and ever.)
Jordana Mattioli: “Smear some full fat plain yogurt on your face and
let sit for 25 minutes. The lactic acid will refresh and exfoliate.
You can also do this with papaya: just mash one up and apply for 25
minutes; the enzymes will exfoliate and leave skin smooth and soft.”
Ian Ginsburg:  “Mash an avocado and place on face for 10 minutes for a
nourishing, moisturizing face mask full of nutrients.”
L’Oreal Paris Consulting Dermatologist Dr. Gervaise Gerstner: “Make
your own enzyme face treatment to remove dead cells with an acai fruit
paste – just blend water and the acai fruit.”
Kristin Riddle: “Straight up honey on the face for 15 minutes will
hydrate and plump like you would not believe.”

16. Keep bronzey body glow in place with...hairspray?
According to Wende Zomnir, of Urban Decay, after applying tinted
and/or shimmery body lotion give your skin a light coating of
hairspray to set it, and it should last all night.

17. Turn one makeup product into another:
Wende Zomnir loves to repurpose items in her kit when in a pinch:
“Mix a bit of shimmery golden bronze eye shadow with your liquid
foundation to create a lit-from-within glow.  You can either scrape
off some powder shadow (like Chopper or Half Baked) or use a little
squeeze of a cream shadow.  Use your favorite liquid eyeliner as a
liquid eye shadow to create a beautiful smoky look. Instead of a
precision line, brush the liner all over your upper lid, and
underneath the lower lashline.  Then buff, smudge and shade it.
Finally, use the liner as a liner to give your eyes more definition
“Favorite eyeshadow broken?  Don’t throw it away!  Combine your broken
eyeshadow with an eyeshadow primer. Then apply it like a cream shadow.
The effect is super long lasting shadow with a creamy effect! The
trick to pulling off bold, high-impact lips making sure your cheeks
match.  Simply use your lipstick as your blush too!  Just make a
couple dots on your cheeks and smudge it out for a quick complexion

18. Nipple Cream, Repurposed
Wende Zomnir: “Heal stubborn dry/cracked skin super-fast
by using nipple cream!  My brand of choice is Lansinoh.  It makes an
amazing overnight lip balm too.  Even my husband uses it!”
Yeast Infection Cream: Erica Marton: “Check with MD first but yeast
infection cream will help with fungus on the nails.”

19. Tennis ball=Personal masseuse
A DIY massage tip from Ben Brown massage guru of New York City spa Bliss:
Lie on your back, place a tennis ball between your scapula (shoulder
blade) and spine. Gradually let your weight rest into the surface of
the ball. Take a breath and let your muscles relax around the ball.
Now gently roll your shoulder and back over the ball, feel the muscles
ripple and open over ball. Now place your feet on the ground and lift
your hips so that you feel your shoulder press into the ball. Play
with the angle and force as you push, roll and rock onto the ball
surface. Work around areas of tension and branch out.

20. Dry shampoo, serious hair gel
Heath Grout, TIGI’s USA Creative Director: If dry shampoo isn’t
accessible and you have oily roots, massage and blow-dry talc powder
into the roots to absorb oil. Or, take a cue from the punks of London,
who actually used this formula to create those gravity-defying mohawls
of the ‘70s: whip together egg whites and sugar to create hard, clear
paste that can double as a gel.

21. Upgrade regular conditioner into a deep conditioning treatment
According to Oscar Blandi, celebrity hairstylist, apply your regular
conditioner to hair after shampooing, pop on a shower cap, and sleep
on it overnight. Wake up, wash it out and bask in the gleaming
results: “This will double as an overnight treatment, and rally helps
to keep ends healthy and intact between cuts.”

22. Does it all item #3: BAKING SODA
Mix with water and it’s a toothpaste and tooth whitener. Soak nails
in the same solution to brighten and whiten. Grind it up into a fine
powder and it’s a face.body exfoliant. Mix in with some shampoo, rub
into the scalp and it’s an exfoliating scalp treatment.
It can be the same box that’s been sitting in your fridge for a few
months too! Miracle product! According to Kristin: Toothpaste: baking
soda is a great whitener, a lot of people use it for brushing, Grind
it down and mix with a little water, make a great exfoliant. Grind it
down some more.grab it right out of the fridge even if its opened.
Or pat it onto under arms when you’ve run out of deodorant.

23. Facial oil for all skin types
Pharmacist Kristin Riddle, pharmacist and creator of RX Skin Therapy:
Facial oil—olive oil, mix sfflower oil, flaxseed oil, mix them all
facial oil. Certain types are calming, any omega three-oils.

24. Powerhouse Face exfoliant
Pharmacist Kristin Riddle, pharmacist and creator of RX Skin Therapy:
Create a combo face-scrub/moisturizing mask with sugar and honey. Be
sure to grind up the sugar until its superfine to avoid micro-tears in
the skin, then mix it with a dollop of honey. Rub into skin for about
one minute (scrub) then leave on the skin for another 10 minutes

25. A decadent buttermilk bath
Jean Ford, founder of Benefit cosmetics swears by this recipe for
getting plump, velvety, moisturized skin: Fill your bath tub with warm
water (too hot water dries out skin) then pour in two cups of pure
buttermilk and two tablespoons of honey, swizzle around, then get in.
After five or eight minutes of soaking, use a washcloth to exfoliate.
Use in a circular motions all over, don’t miss a spot. The buttermilk
is super-fatty and has a lactic acid, aha complex so it dissolves that
rough skin on the back of your arms. “That’s why you pre-soak before
you scrub, you will be so amazed at how polished and gorgeous your
skin will be with relatively minimal effort,”says Ford.

27. Instant Smoky Eye
Annie and Maggie ford Danielson, BeneFit beauty global authorities advise to
use burnt coal from the fire (cooled of course) to make a mean smoky
eye. If Cleopatra can do it, so can you. Q-tips make for a great
beauty tool in this case, smudge out the smokiness just perfectly.

28. Instant Cherry Lip Tint
Also from Annie and Maggie ford Danielson, BeneFit beauty global authorities:
Mix cherry kool aid powder with a little water to make an ad-hoc cheek
and lip tint.

29. Squash Bug Bites
Slice open an onion and rub it directly onto the
irritation. “The sulphur in onions work right away to fix the itch,”
says Jordana Mattioli, Aestetician at Dr Adam M. Kolker office in NYC.

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